donate-1024x682Earlier this month we received some very good news. GC Aid has been granted ‘Schedule 32’ Donee Status!

Generally, donations to charities and churches in New Zealand qualify for a one-third tax credit when a gift is spent within the country.  Each of our GC3 trusts has that general Donee Status.  It means that when an individual gives $300 to us for our activities within NZ, we can issue a donation receipt that can be used to claim $100 back in their IR526 Tax Credit Claim form.

However, gifts given to a mission partner, or to the ministry they are involved in, do not qualify for the tax credit.  This is because the gift has been given to them or their ministry, and not to us at GC3 for our use and purposes.  The gift has been merely held in trust by us for the mission partner, to be passed on to them for use in some place outside of New Zealand.  These gifts therefore have not qualified for a tax credit in the past, and still do not.

Read more: Special Donee Status for GC Aid

crownPsalm 2 is a coronation song. Coronations in Israel were often like a breath of fresh air, a new beginning, raising the hopes of loyal Israelites for better things ahead. If times had been bad, or the previous king was old and weak, the coronation of another prince promised a new start.

But a new king often meant that tax-paying subject nations around worked to throw off the shackles of dependency, or to broker a new deal with the new and inexperienced king. So this enthronement anthem acted as a charter for the new king. He may feel vulnerable but he should rededicate himself to the real King – to Yahweh. God is the new king's Father. So by renewing his faith in God, the human king could rely on the Heavenly King to put down enemies and strengthen godly rule.


eyes-1024x531Karen and I were married in 1982 and it was one year later in 1983 that we saw the Anastasis, YWAM's first ship, come into Tauranga. We took a tour, heard stories of spreading the gospel around the world, receiving training and extending acts of compassion and mercy to those hurting and we got hooked.

Our plan was to leave for just six months, combine some overseas adventure along with receiving Bible training. Well, be careful what you commit to short term! That is how you end up as long term missionaries. It all starts out by dipping your toe in the water to try it out! The result – we LOVED it. What an amazing calling we are privileged to have.

We have served now in over 70 countries, seen countless people come to Christ, have helped thousands of others receive the same Discipleship Training as we did, have raised five children and since 2011 founded YWAM Ships Kona where we operate four vessels, located in Papua New Guinea, Panama, Marshall Islands and one in Kona, Hawaii.


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  • Bruce & Robin (Day 14)

    PAM Indo Local Board is now formed PTL. The Board is taking local oversight. This frees me to support and advise but no longer responsible for the project. Pray for this transfer of roles. FFF Auckland continues to function and grow Pray for the 20 key believer's who are doing the front end work amongst the 60+ neighbours that I am overseeing. Pray for Paul and Esther on HA. Pray as we plan the leadership needs for 2018.

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