mexico-1440x822On the 29th January, a team of nine from Putaruru Gospel Chapel (PGC) left for the distant shores
of Mexico. The team was made up of seven young adults and two leaders. Their mission was to join
forces with YWAM at Tijuana where Mark and Korrin Jacobsen serve.

Mark and Korrin are commissioned by the PGC. There were three parts to this trip. The main part was to build a house with Homes of Hope, the second to participate in a program called ‘Mission Adventures’, the third to encourage Mark and Korrin by spending time there with them. Mission Adventures is a program YWAM runs that offers groups the chance to experience missions. The group participated in feeding the homeless, visiting an old people’s home to encourage them and various outreaches with local churches. At one of the churches they helped with two ministries. The first was a service for refugees and the other was visiting the church’s drug rehabilitation centre. Before leaving they were encouraged by the leaders of PGC to take every opportunity to get involved, to be willing to do things that would stretch them physically and spiritually. This was an experience where they were going to be a part of YWAM’s work but it was also a place where they learnt to rely on God.

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blessing-1440x959This short but completely symmetrical psalm may have ended Sabbath worship in the Temple in Jerusalem and followed the priestly blessing recorded in Numbers 6:24-26. Worshippers would have then departed feeling the warmth of the promised goodness of God. This benediction oriented worshippers towards acknowledging God’s generosity in harvest, in vintage, in calving and lambing and in child-bearing.

But the structure of this psalm, like much Hebrew poetry, is chiastic – like the Greek letter Chi, or large X. It is balanced carefully around a central line in the centre of verse 4. The main point is not at the beginning or the end but in the centre.

May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you rule the peoples with equity and guide the nations of the earth.

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donate-1024x682Earlier this month we received some very good news. GC Aid has been granted ‘Schedule 32’ Donee Status!

Generally, donations to charities and churches in New Zealand qualify for a one-third tax credit when a gift is spent within the country.  Each of our GC3 trusts has that general Donee Status.  It means that when an individual gives $300 to us for our activities within NZ, we can issue a donation receipt that can be used to claim $100 back in their IR526 Tax Credit Claim form.

However, gifts given to a mission partner, or to the ministry they are involved in, do not qualify for the tax credit.  This is because the gift has been given to them or their ministry, and not to us at GC3 for our use and purposes.  The gift has been merely held in trust by us for the mission partner, to be passed on to them for use in some place outside of New Zealand.  These gifts therefore have not qualified for a tax credit in the past, and still do not.

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GC3 Today

  • Ashley & Gillian, Travelling Overseas (Day 23)

    At this time of the year many people in Fiji go through various stages of illness and the Sigatoka base hospital and local surgeries are full to overflowing with patients. A day does not go by when we are called on to visit wards and homes to pray and in some cases, practically assist paying doctors’ fees and for the supply of medical prescriptions and treatment.   This has given us endless opportunities, not only to pray for the sick but to share the Gospel with family members. Prayer is required for our continuing good health and strength so we are able to meet the many demands imposed on our time.

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