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This short video clip by Werner Mischke, Image Of Limited Good, is an introduction to the concept of Honor and Shame within a Biblical context.

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trust-1024x491One of the most important principles that has driven the direction of our ministry in 'Asia Pacific' over the last ten and half years, has been the idea that we always need to be thinking about the long term, i.e. How is what I'm doing right now equipping these believers to stand on their own feet? Paul referred to this idea as "Entrusting" in his much quoted charge to Timothy:

...and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2 (ESV)

Now obviously this idea didn't originate with Paul. He knew that Christ had done this very thing with His Apostles in Matthew 28: 18-20 and if he stretched his mind back further, as I'm sure he did, he would have seen some similar concepts in Jethro's advice to Moses in Exodus 18:19-24. So what does this look like in practice?

I must admit to getting frustrated at times when people come across as though pastors needs solid biblical training, but missionaries seem to be called to a lower standard. I'm not sure where that logic comes from, but the Bible certainly doesn't speak that way. If anything, we should hope that a person desiring to carry out the Great Commission, "teaching them to obey all" that Christ has commanded people in another country, would need all the Bible training they could get and then on top of that need to study principles of cross-cultural ministry, culture and language acquisition etc. We need to have something to entrust.

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bot1-1024x575Twenty five years ago we arrived in New Zealand with minds full of plans and possibilities for service to
the Lord in a country where our hearts still remained, Botswana.

More specifically, to a little village called Tshesebe, tucked away in the North East corner near to the Plumb-tree Border Crossing into Zimbabwe. Our plans to return to Tshesebe after a few months' furlough were changed however and we had to make new plans to re-establish ourselves in New Zealand.

Twenty five years later ... Wow! That's half a lifetime and when we think of all that has happened in that time we wonder if there is any room left for more growth. For the Lord has certainly filled those years with wonderful opportunities of service. Although all hope of returning to serve in Botswana had been put aside, here we are twenty five years later.

Well, isn't the Lord's plan so different to ours. We were presented with an opportunity to return to Botswana for a holiday which gave us the means also to find 'closure' about all those dreams we had in the past. So now let's just enjoy the time, re-visit those things we were familiar with, say goodbye, then return to New Zealand and get on with life.

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    I'm currently on my sixth visa in twelve months so have felt like I haven't had a time where I didn't have to be thinking about how I would get the next one. Please pray for my long term option.

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