wk9This is the team’s final week of service in Thailand and they are working with House of Refuge, a home for sexually abused girls in Chiang Rai. They will also be visiting Destiny Rescue. They are doing a work project at House of Refuge. Prayer for physical strength and wellness would be much appreciated as they get to the end of the trip.


Every church purposely participating in God’s redeeming mission through effective local and global ministry relationships.


 Connections and experience
 Meeting with your leadership team, pastor and mission partners
 Assisting you in developing your church mission focus
 Chatting over any issues with mission partners that you support
 Building relationships that promote both existing partnerships and develop new ones

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The GospelAnd why wouldn’t we be? It’s the power that brings salvation to everyone who believes. (Rom 1:16)

It’s this passion that is at the core of all wedo as a Board and as employees of GC3. It’s what motivates us. It undergirds all we do in serving mission partners and churches. And I’ve got to admit it’s what brings me into work each day. What a wonderful message we have to take to others. How good it is having a part in doing just that.

Each year when our Daily Prayer Guide is published, I draw out analysis on the mission partners we have included there. This year is no exception. As I look over the 200 adults listed, I’m reminded we have people here who are just as passionate about the gospel. Seriously passionate! Whether living overseas or based here in New Zealand, we have 114 ‘units’ who have dedicated their lives this year to again present that same gospel message in forty countries around the globe in a huge variety of ways. God gives His people gifts, talents and abilities, then goes ahead and prepares a ministry position that just suits.

But there’s another statistic which highlights that passion for the gospel so many have had for all their lives. It’s summed up in the fact that across that group of adults collectively they have given over 3,000 years of service to God. That’s dedication! That’s commitment, often in the face of significant challenges! That’s a deep passion for the gospel, to explain its life-changing message to others!

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  • Dallas, (Day 10)

    Ashley (1)
    Please give thanks for a successful time of settling into life in South Sudan. Pray for me as I learn my new role as operations manager. The learning curve is steep, and the role is very challenging. Please pray for wisdom and grace and good decision making. Please also pray for good relationships with my colleagues, partner organisations and particularly external authorities.

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