Recently I expanded on an article that noted seven global shifts in mission (see the 'DIRECTOR'S BLOG' for March under 'NEWSROOM' on our www.gc3.org.nz website). I want to draw attention to three of those shifts and encourage you to make
use of our website and our weekly e-Connect prayer notes.

One of those shifts is: "From unhealthy dependencies to indigenous self-suffi ciency and promotion of dignity"

There is a growing emphasis on seeking to help local ministries to be self-supporting through income generating projects. This empowers local believers in mission in sustainable ways. Bright Hope World (www.brighthopeworld.com) is seeking to help those who cannot help themselves using sustainable approaches. Providing relief is temporary and creates dependency, promoting development leads to indigenous selfsuciency and dignity.

To explore this issue: go to the 'DIRECTOR'S BLOG' to find a link to a useful video that explores this.

Question: How could your mission giving promote indigenous self-suciency and dignity?

Another shift is: "From competition to co-operation".

If we really believe in the concept of the 'Body of Christ' we will seek to be interdependent. Each part cannot do without the
other. We are better together than alone. GC3 is not competing with other agencies or churches. Our desire is to help you and
your church be more e ective in mission. We would love to come alongside you to help you develop your mission focus. Our weekly e-Connect email is one such example of our interdependence. To receive this, go to our website www.gc3.org.nz and then to 'NEWSROOM' and you will see e-Connect. The sign up area is to your right.

Question: In what ways could your mission e orts be more cooperative and interdependent?

"From agency based missions to church-agency synergy".

The vision for missions belongs  rst to the local church, not to mission agencies. Missions that thrive in the future will be those
that serve the mission vision of the local church, down your street and around the world. GC3 exists to serve our network of churches and mission partners in this way. We o er e cient forwarding and cost effective transfer of funds to mission partners. We have a pastoral concern for your mission partners and can help you with resources in this area.

Contact Sefton Marshall P: 06 357 8388
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We offer a facilitated mission assessment profile (MAP) that gets your church mission team and leadership in a conversation
about mission and establishes action plans so you can be more e ective as a church. We can come and preach on mission or
coach your missions team.

Contact Russell Thorp P: 021 481 088
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We provide a gap year called 'HEADSPACE' for young people so that God's mission captivates their hearts. Again, go to the website for more information. Charlie Shadbolt, our Youth Director would love to work with your youth www.headspace.gc3.org.nz

Contact Charlotte P: 027 372 9717
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Question: What could GC3 do to help you?

Remember to go to our website frequently, especially our 'NEWSROOM' and make sure you sign up for e-Connect. Could
you please pass out this GC3 Connect to as many as possible.

We want to help you with the shifts that are taking place in mission so that we might be more effective for His glory.

Russell Thorp
GC3 Missions Director

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