BOOK: A Third Culture Kid's Journey Through Cultural Transition

Source: Pioneers

Hidden in My Heart: A TCK's Journey Through Cultural Transition, by Taylor Murray. BottomLine Media, 2013. 107 pages.

"When [nine-year-old] Taylor Murray arrived in Japan, she felt like she was on an adventure - an adventure that God had called her family to take. The unique food, the strange language and the foreign culture were exciting and new.

"But the novelty of life overseas wore off, and Taylor became overwhelmed with frustration, loneliness and the sorrow of leaving everything she knew - the States, her home, her extended family - for everything she didn't know. She kept these emotions hidden in her heart until they reached a boiling point.

"Written as a series of individual prayers to God, Hidden in My Heart tells Taylor's story as she transparently unloads her grief and anger on him and, surprisingly, finds him willing to listen and bring her to a place of healing and - ultimately - joy."

"What an amazing book!" says TCK specialist Ruth Van Reken. "The writing and insights expressed demonstrate an intellectual and spiritual maturity well past the author's 14 years of age. Taylor's writing speaks to all who have known the paradox of living in this world of rich experience, yet felt the pain of never belonging in one place or the other."

» Learn more or preorder the book for US$8.99 from Pioneers. (Actual release date is May 1). I found it very well written. Includes good discussion questions to help missionary kids talk about their own experiences. The Pioneers article Making Tear Soup features Taylor and talks about issues TCKs face.

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