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The Board members and their wives and families met for the weekend of the 3-5th of May at Keswick Camp near Rotorua. On Friday night we had input from Russell Thorp (Shifts in Mission) and Emma Stokes (Shifts related to our History as a missions movement and the broader picture of missions today) which stimulated us to think strategically and thoughtfully. Missions is from everywhere to everywhere today. What implications does this have for us?

On Saturday we had our AGM. Things are moving positively forward with numbers of new folk moving into mission activity in various locations. We have growing relationships with indigenous mission and church leaders in Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Congo and other places. Murray and Joy Stevenson shared with us the opportunities and situation in Congo. Pearl Thorp led us in an exercise in mapping where our mission partners are using a map of the world as a jigsaw puzzle.

On Sunday we enjoyed a time of worship and the Lord's Supper together and finished with our AGM matters. Keep praying for our Headspace team, the Operations and Mission and Youth Directors and our Office staff as we seek to help our churches be 'more effective in missions'

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