Recently GC3 sent my wife and I on pastoral care visits to our mission partners in South East Asia. Usually we spend several days with those we visit. Many of these mission partners are involved in ministry to those on the margins.

One couple are working with girls, women and boys who have been 'trafficked'. This requires skill in counselling and creating ways to provide income and normality to those who have never known a life free from exploitation.

Another couple have set up a ministry that provides humanitarian help to the poor in areas such as medical health, educational support, community transformation and discipleship.

Another challenging venture for one of our mission partners is setting up a business as mission discipleship school. This is a new venture for the organisation they work with and this couple are bringing their skills to be used to shape the delivery of this.

Yet another couple and their family have been involved in theological education but have so immersed themselves and their family in the context that they are mixing daily with their Buddhist neighbours and conversing in the local language. Opportunities to share the hope of the Gospel are opening up.

All of these people are typical New Zealanders who have skills they have offered to God in His desire to build a kingdom for himself. They are also exceptional people who have wholeheartedly given themselves to this mission. Their stories need to be heard in our network of churches. If you want to hear from them, feel free to contact us and we can get you in touch with them.

We came away from our visits with a new perspective on what God is doing through his people and an excitement that our network of churches is involved in such wonderful things.


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