I've just returned from running leadership seminars with our sister churches in PNG. We looked at ways to 'find solutions to problems together', 'conflict resolution' and 'servant leadership' among other things. Their great concerns are how to keep young people in church when older leaders dominate and won't change. The participants expressed a desire for specific training in youth and children's ministry. They see the need to attract youth to sports and music events so they can share the gospel with them. Church life in PNG is beginning to express similar needs to our NZ scene. How can we help? How could we work together with these churches? I would be interested in your feedback to this. Part of our desire is to collaborate with others in leadership training. is a website open to anyone to use (both downloading and uploading) that contains many resources for ministry to children and young people. have some fun resourcing your children and youth ministry. This is a collaborative effort based in Australia.

Recently Mission Interlink ran a missions day (Mosaic) for church pastors and leaders. We were asked to chat about the greatest concerns we have about mission in and from NZ. The group I was in highlighted the need for more collaboration between agencies. There are over 140 mission agencies operating in NZ. No wonder we find it hard to present a united mission drive from our churches! The challenge we have is to collaborate more often and seriously consider why any other agencies should be represented in NZ. A recent immigrant to NZ commented about the need for outreaches among our middle class European population who he suggested are left out of our church mission strategies! What would your response be?

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