Title: New Image - New Lifestyle
Author: N/A
Topic Genre: Report
Region: South America
Country: Nicaragua

New Image is a ministry in Nicaragua established in 1998 when Helen Goatley returned there. Its vision is "to help women in the commercial sex industry transition to a new lifestyle, and to see women transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by equipping them in education, life skills and discipling with biblical principles." The majority of women in that lifestyle have known sad abuse and end up feeling worthless. God in His grace has touched many lives, and some have gone on to become steadfast believers.

Their struggle to achieve independence is a huge one, and Nicaragua is a country which suffers frequent natural disasters. Dealing with severe damage to their homes is beyond them, and GCAid has provided wonderful help on several occasions, in cases where tornadoes have torn off roofs, thus exposing the families to heavy rain. Their gratitude has been great, with amazement that believers have shown such love towards them, as one said "in spite of where we came from." It enhanced their sense of now belonging to the wider Family of God, ready to lovingly help them. A recent tornado, mentioned in the GCAid space in the weekly Prayer Link, resulted in an amazing gift which not only covered the damage to two of the homes, but, in consultation with the givers, also covered improvements to the fragile dwellings of two new women who have left their former lifestyle and committed their lives to Christ. This was a wonderful proof of God's care of them through His people.

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