embodyFour of us from Bryndwr Chapel (Christchurch) attended the GC3 Embody Summit weekend held recently in Hamilton. We were inspired and challenged to be more effective in mission and to encourage the whole church to be involved in the Lord's direction to "Go!" into our communities locally and globally. We have such Good News to tell and it was clearly presented to us that this is the responsibility of every Christian to be actively involved in reaching out.

Some of the electives we attended and key points we got from them were:

Encouraging Youth in Mission – Youth want to hear how God is working in people's lives as they serve Him here and overseas. We saw the need to relate in this way across the generations in small groups on a deeper spiritual level.

How to Promote Mission in Your Church – It is important to engage and relate meaningfully and passionately with every age group.

Building Effective Mission Participation & Partnerships – A concept which kept reoccurring throughout the weekend was that mission is about partnerships and relationships.

Care and Accountability of Mission Partners on the Field – Focussed on the importance of supporting those serving overseas through prayer, finance and building an encouraging relationship.

Building on the STM Experience – Statistics show that this type of mission is on the increase. We need to avoid creating a culture of dependency and collaborate with mission partners already on the ground to find out what the actual needs are.

As a consequence of this weekend some of the things God has laid on our practical working together and prayer support from the whole church to enable this to happen. Recently, trips have also been made by a group of students to Fiji and to the Deaf School there.

At the summit we met David and Lynley Taylor who had been in the Congo around the same time as us so it was great to share experiences. It was especially exciting to meet Emmanuel Ngoy who we discovered is working with a friend from years ago in Mbuji Mayi doing Bible course work.

We see the challenge is to build relationships with existing mission work and develop a strategy so that mission work overseas is practical, sustainable and promotes the Gospel. One comment from the summit was particularly relevant and challenging to us all"If you are a Christian, then you are a missionary.
Do you know where God wants you to serve Him?"

Bryndwr Chapel Representatives
Graham and Joanna Anderson
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