GC3The 'ripples' of historical mission work are still moving out by the Spirit of God. Current partnerships are also growing and being shaped between New Zealand churches and the majority world. It is crucial to nurture an attitude of equality when we consider our non-New Zealand brothers and sisters. We share in the same Grace of God and have equal footing before Him.
Equality in the Kingdom sense means less about size and resources, and more about attitudes, values and status. It can be easy for subtle attitudes to creep in unnoticed. Perhaps now is a good time to examine ourselves, our mission teams and our churches. Is there still a paternalistic ' avour' to our partnership(s)? Do we trust the ability of national workers? What are we
learning from them?

People like Kap Thang in Myanmar are making immense strides for Jesus despite opposition. He has  ve children and six grandchildren (a seventh is on the way!). He serves the Lord as Principal of the South East Asia Bible College. Currently, there are 60 students enrolled from 20 di erent ethnic groups with 12 lecturers building into their lives. Kap also ful ls the role of General Secretary for Myanmar Brethren Churches Fellowship (MBCF) and is one of the elders at Canaan Gospel Chapel.
His prayer is that "we will be able to send more inland missionaries". Plans are already in place fora signi cant open-air style Gospel meeting at Kap's home village (over 500 families) in March, 2013.

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