Tom McIvor, Word of Life Director

Issue 3 - 2011

Word of Life Ministries in New Zealand is committed to the evangelisation and discipleship of youth through various means consistent with the Holy Scriptures. We are excited about the many opportunities that the Lord gives us here and abroad to do just this.

We have four main aspects to our ministry. We have Bible Clubs, Training of Youth Leaders, speci c Gospel Outreaches and our Youth Reachout which is our overseas mission trip for teenagers. Our Bible Clubs are designed to help local churches teach their youth the truths of the Word of God. We have them for ages ranging from 5 to 17. Currently we have 14 around the country. In conjunction with these Bible Clubs we train leaders so they can be better equipped to serve their youth and be better disciplers. Evangelism is a strong aspect of our Bible Clubs as well and many groups reap souls through the programmes used. Leaders Training has a huge impact on leaders lasting longer and enjoying their service to a greater degree.

We utilise Volleyball and Touch Rugby as our two main tools for our Outreach Programme along with our annual Camp. We take time out at each event to share a clear presentation of the Gospel message and mostly with a teenager sharing their personal testimony. We are certainly not ashamed of the gospel because it most certainly is the power of God unto Salvation to everyone who believes. Romans 1:16. We are excited about the simple gospel that changes lives and we see this happen at most of our events. On a recent visit to Wellington for a Volleyball Outreach I met three young people who all said to me they got saved at that event in previous years. Two were in leadership positions.

Youth Reachout has been an amazing tool both for discipleship of youth but also for evangelism in the countries where we go. Most of our trips are centred around Samoa and Fiji. We have seen many, many teenagers lives turned around after this mission's experience. For most, their devotion to Christ takes an almighty leap and their heart for the lost grows substantially. This is such an amazing time and God demonstrates His grace in so many ways. Young people's faith grows legs as they see God provide and answer prayers. They get excited as many have the opportunity to lead other youth to Christ and most for the  first time.


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