seftonWritten by Sefton Marshall
Operations Director GCiM
Taken From GC3 2011 Issue 1

Yesterday, right up at the front of church during the closing prayer there was quite a scene!

You see James, who's two, had 'borrowed' an imitation iPhone from a friend sitting nearby. So, while we sang the  nal song, he had been having a glorious time with this new found 'technology'  rmly pressed to his ear! This was something very new to him and was quite di erent to any of his own toys. He was enjoying himself and was quite proud of his newly acquired gadget.

But then ... all of a sudden, the owner of this pretend iPhone wanted it back! And James most de nitely did not want to part with it. I'll leave you to imagine the rest!

Here at Global Connections in Mission, we are responding to a changed situation, working to provide a new place for the suite of information about our mission partners previously found in The Treasury. We are developing ideas that will involve the greater use of modern technology in the future. However, in the meantime, we are going to provide a mixture of printed material and emails.

We will continue to publish GC3 on a quarterly basis. It is important to appreciate that our GC3 publication is not a Treasury substitute. Its purpose is to focus on mission related issues and stories.

However, we are committed to supplying information on missionary movements, commendations, and funds distributed. For the interim, we have supplied this information previously found

in The Treasury on a separate sheet as an insert. Meanwhile, our Prayer Link continues to roll out each week. This collection of prayer and praise items from our mission partners is vital information for us to use as we stand with them in serving our Master. But, we plan to 'ramp up' what we send out each week, both in terms of presentation, scope and content.

So, would you help us?

To ensure we have a robust and accurate database of all those wanting this information from us, we ask that you respond to us with your details. You'll  nd instructions on how to do this in the inserts.

We are also aware that not everyone who might like to get this information has access to personal internet facilities. Would you be that someone to serve them by printing o our Prayer Link and passing it on regularly? We'd appreciate you doing that for us and for them.

While there are these changes afoot, I'm sure you'll embrace them better than this 'Poppa' has with some modern technology, despite his two year old grandson feeling quite comfortable with it!