Hello! We are Chris and Lee Hill and we are serving God at Hope Chapel Kita in Osaka, Japan. We have two daughters, Grace (3) and (to be advised). In New Zealand, Lee was a high-school English teacher. Now she is enjoying teaching part-time at an English conversation school for kids and also teaching several ladies one-on-one. Chris is, well, … an ex-biologist turned some sort of theologian currently engaged in the common mission job description that in rugby parlance is called “utility back”.

Our church is a bilingual, international church of about 40 people – couples, singles, and a few families. We are mostly Japanese, with some NZ, Australian, American, Korean, Philippino, and Chinese. We came to be serving here as a result of our OE in 2003. We came to Osaka with the intention of teaching English for a few years but God had a different plan in mind. Despite our relative youthfulness, we were Christians of longevity in the church we attended in Osaka (from which Hope Kita was planted). God began to show us how He could use our gifts as a couple to help build up and nurture the faith of young believers. With this vision for the next stage of life we returned to NZ in 2004 and Chris spent three years studying mission theology with a focus on Japanese culture at what is now Laidlaw College.

We returned to Japan in 2007. Chris’ main task is writing bible study short courses to help people grow in their familiarity, knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. These courses are held at our house every few months on three consecutive Friday nights. Time is something Japanese people don’t have, so the courses are also available in Japanese and English on the church’s website. It has been a challenge adapting to the Japanese group dynamics and learning style, and fashioning the material so that it works well for a study group but can also be used independently. Chris also preaches often and plays music. Together we host a Wednesday night cell group and Lee coordinates a fortnightly women’s bible study. And, of course, we’re both studying Japanese.

hills2-175x112God is blessing our church with growth in numbers – some changing churches, some new believers. Equally exciting has been God’s work in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Some have shown costly forgiveness and reconciliation in marriage. Some have persevered in friendship through awkward situations for the sake of Christian unity. One young man has moved from feeling that relationships are futile to having a passionate pastoral heart. One couple has exemplified resolute faith during their daughter’s long and serious illness. Others are developing their gifts. Others are learning to serve. As for us, we are learning what it is to minister and pray in the light that it is God who builds the church. This is all the Spirit’s exciting work among us for the glory of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. May God
bless and keep you.

Yours in Jesus’ name, Chris and Lee.

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