Realising a Vision through Faith
is the fascinating life story of Colleen Mavis Redit and Christian Missions Charitable Trust (CMCT), the remarkable ministry she founded in Chennai, India.

From the humble beginnings of a girl working out of her garage, nobody had envisaged that God would put His hand in blessing on the ministry of CMCT and extend it to what we see today. The Haven of Hope Handicraft Centre that started in a garage, developed into CMCT – a ministry of faith and compassion to help the destitute, downtrodden, disadvantaged, and the poorest of the poor.

Realising a Vision through Faith records how God has blessed this ministry and explains why CMCT is recognized as a ministry of faith in action, and reveals its impact on the lives of thousands who were rescued and restored by love and kindness.

 Most of all, Realising a Vision through Faith tells a story so many have wanted to hear about, how God has used Colleen in this ministry, how He led her to Chennai, India, and blessed her with the strength, courage and wisdom to lead thousands into a deeper knowledge of God, and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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From the Forword by Luis Palau

In 1964, Colleen Redit set out on a mission to share the love of Christ with the neglected, the underprivileged, and the hurting of the world.

Her work – which led her to the outskirts of Madras, India – is a story that will make you praise God.

By the grace of Jesus Christ and the compassion of God our Father, Colleen has lived most of her life in India, for India.

Anyone reading this book will be touched and deeply moved. The stories of little babies, small children, lost teenagers, and young adults who have been ministered to through Colleen, will bring tears to your eyes.

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Enjoy the record of what the Lord is doing in this part of His vineyard and give thanks

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