Here are the resources of the plenary talks during Partners in the Harvest Conference of 2013

1. Living out the Lord's mission mandate with urgency to pass it on
Lawrence Chua, Senior Pastor of Living Sanctuary Brethren Church

PDF (2.57 MB)


2. Prayer and World Evangelization
Ooi Chin Aik, founder and president of Ministries for Asia Pacific

MP3 Audio (20.56 MB)     |      MP4 Video (307.56 MB)

3. The Church and Effective Mission
Russell Thorp, mission director of Global Connections in Missions, NZ

PDF (526.95 kB)

4. Starting a Simple Church Multiplication Movement
Neil Cole, co-founder of CMA

PDF (12.84 MB)     |     MP3 Audio (23.26 MB) |

5. Business & Missions: Empowering the Poor
Yeoh Seng Eng, Care Channels

PDF (4.02 MB)

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