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A thank you from students that receive sponsorship through the ‘cappaccino club’. June 2013 in Malaloso at Ronnieand Amy Magpayo’s home.

The Cappuccino Club aims not only to place squatter children into university but also to provide a mentoring programme through the context of the local church. Their desire is to develop young men and women of influence from within some of the most impoverished environments imaginable and to see these young leaders grow up to become agents of change in their communities and beyond.

The name 'Cappuccino Club' came about because for the same price as a cappuccino a day a Filipino student can attend university.

The aims of the Cappuccino Club are:

  • to provide better employment opportunities for Filipino poor
  • to serve to alleviate multi-generational poverty amongst impoverished families
  • to develop future leaders through education, mentoring and transformation

The strategy involves:

  • providing university level education to Filipino young adults who would otherwise, due to financial constraints, be unable to pursue tertiary level studies.  In 2009 this will involve ten students with a view to increasing this to 50-100 in subsequent years.

  • moulding the candidates into influential people of integrity through a contextualized mentoring programme, in order that they might be developed as leaders in their immediate communities and beyond

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