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The last few weeks I have had the privilege of visiting a lot of smaller church groups in our network with Andrew Diprose (Day 10 in the prayer guide). We have shared the time of our presentation with an overview of GC3, an update of what our mission partners in South East Asia are doing (reflections on recent visits), and then Andrew has shared about his ministry to migrants in Rome, many of whom are Bangladeshi. Andrew's prepared himself for this ministry and is seeking support from churches in New Zealand.

What has stood out for me in our visits to church groups is that almost every fellowship has something significant that they are doing to share the message of the gospel in creative, relational ways. Some older people in these fellowships are seriously wrestling with ways to reach those they encounter on a daily basis. This is such an encouragement.

As I have been reflecting on the effective ministries of our mission partners in South East Asia we have noted that there is a hunger for the gospel in that region and a surge in people coming to Christ and yet there are still significant struggles to reach Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist people groups. Andrew's ministry in Rome is linked with South Asians as many seek to find new lives and jobs in Italy. Andrew's role is to contact these people, build a relationship, share Biblical materials in their language and pray that these people come to faith in Christ and get added to a local church. Pray for the outreach in Rome and the work of the refugee migrant centre and the book tables.

We have discovered on our journey through the south that God is bringing many migrants to these parts of New Zealand too. There are international students and migrant workers, many on farms. These people provide an opportunity to minister the love of Christ to as they seek to build new lives in New Zealand.

We need to build relationships with new peoples as this becomes the bridge across which we can share the wonderful message of Jesus' love for them.

Can I encourage you to provide your stories so that we can share them?

There are some useful tools being produced to encourage the proclamation of the gospel. Explore what's on offer below:

King of Glory: A multi-language chronological storybook

This Creation-to-Christ, illustrated book for Muslims (and anyone else), is now available in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic. With its large format, full-page illustrations and scene review questions, this is a distinctive tool for sharing God's story and message in homes, classrooms, and small group settings. The English edition is perfect for ESL learners of all ages & cultures. The illustrations are beautiful and biblical. The faces of the prophets and Jesus are never clearly shown. Room is left for the imagination. To read the book in English:

For links to purchase KING of GLORY in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, or Arabic, visit: For ministry-prices (in case quantities), contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ROCK International is in the midst of turning King of Glory into a captivating and clear-gospel movie for oral learners. Look for it in mid-2014. Scene 1 rough-cut:

Internationals Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home- a new book

In 1991, Neal Pirolo brought us "Serving as Senders." Last year, he updated this book with a revised edition, "Serving as Senders Today." Now, next month, Neal is bringing out, "Internationals Who Live Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home." Available after August 14, this new work will give you hundreds of ideas of how to minister to seven distinct groups of internationals: Students, Business People, Visitors, Relocating Refugees, Illegal Aliens, MKs, and Ethnic Communities. The People of the Diaspora are open to the Gospel. In a manner of speaking, you can do world missions at home. The book is available at...

You may be using something you could share with us. Email Russell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Russell Thorp
Missions Director, GC3

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