Wake up the fields are ready...

That means action.

As I sat down to write this note to share the work of Arohanui Christian Trust with you, I was thinking about the phone call I had just received, asking if we could support a 12 year child who has been horriffcally abused since she was four. What an opportunity!!!

Then another call to place three children under the age of seven from one family. What a privilege!!! And so it goes on. It is a sad fact that victims of abuse make up 95% of Arohanui's work and some of this abuse goes on within the churches.

Opportunities to make a di erence in people's lives are enormous, but the workers are few.

Many people we work amongst live lives without hope. What a thrill to see them respond to the power of love and compassion.

The other evening we went to see a solo father with seven kids and found him sitting in the dark without power trying to do his best. He just needed a "hand up".


Ethne visited the mother of another large family who was trying to cope on her own and we were so blessed to be able to give her a "hand up".

Recently we had a very religious young woman receive Jesus as her Saviour. What a blessing to get on our knees and pray with her.

Many of the children we work amongst are the result of parents with serious drug and alcohol related issues. The price we see some children paying is almost too high for them to cope with.

Ross & Ethne Hanna

Arohanui needs committed caregivers to work with children and young people and solo mums etc. Is this an opportunity for you?

If this article touches your heart in a way that you desire to be more involved with Arohanui Christian Trust, perhaps as a caregiver, please email or phone.

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P: 09 579 8315

If you would like to contribute  financially, funds can be sent through Global Connections in Mission.

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