The huge typhoon disaster right at our doorstep is a wonderful opportunity to be His ambassadors. The whole province of Cebu is under a state of calamity. A few small problems like power cuts continue for us. Abby is busy with a few hundred other volunteers at the church and schools sorting donated goods for the storm victims. They package the relief so it is easy to distribute in Tacloban. Cebu is sending above 50,000 packs a day. Local school classes were already delayed due to the recent big earthquake - now with over 3,000 aftershocks. I have been in Manila arranging New Hope medical teams for missions to Leyte and Samar islands. The army gave us
use of a truck and escort and we also have two of our own vehicles loaded with medicines, food, water and essentials. It is great that we have tried and tested workers on the ground. Our team of 15 includes nurses, four doctors, and counsellors and is reaching to four areas. Prayer is much valued.

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