We thank God for his protection of Graeme as he travelled the 1,000 km trip to Guiuan on his motorbike through a lot of rain and potentially dangerous areas with bandits. He went down at the Australian missionary, Paul Kulikovsky's request. Graeme has helped Paul put a temporary roof on Paul's house made out of whatever materials they could salvage. It has been made leak-proof with tarps and silicon. A week and half ago, Paul's wife Gerrah and a friend were evacuated out of Guiuan. They have been staying at our place collecting up supplies to take back down. Today they left on a bus. Please pray for Paul and his wife Gerrah as they begin the huge task of rebuilding the chapel in Guiuan and the meeting areas they had in the outlying areas they had outreaches in. Please pray too for Troy and Rhodora Hart (Australian GLO missionaries) who lost 4 little nieces in the typhoon. With university holidays started our two girls have come back to the Philippines. Our eldest daughter, Hannah is living in Safa, a tribal village on Mindoro. There she is working continuing on what she started doing last year, checking and improving a translation of Genesis into the language of that tribe. Our second daughter, Christiana is living with us and is helping some Tagalog translators.

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