benninThe people of the West African nation of Benin (pop. 10 million) are nominally divided between Christian, animist and Muslim, in that order. Because Benin provides great freedom to minister and evangelise, interaction with animist and Islamic people can occur in an open environment. Benin has Africa's highest percentage of followers of traditional religions, but because churches and missions are making good use of this freedom, the church has grown vigorously over the past 30 years. The church growth has come mainly from the newer, African-originated churches. The number of evangelicals grew from 50,000 in 1980 to 770,000 in 2010. The goal is to plant another 20,000 churches by 2020. Economically, Benin is among the world's bottom twenty nations. Up to 70% of the workforce subsists by taking menial-labour jobs. But corruption is endemic, and those in positions of power enrich themselves at the expense of the nation and its people. Tens of thousands of children are smuggled from Benin each year to work as child labourers, mostly in neighbouring African countries.

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