Please pray for the peace of God to come upon Wewak after a week of tension and trouble. The CBM bookshop was the focus of an attack. The store was ransacked and theft occurred. Pray that we can get the bookshop open soon and that the staff and customers caught in the riot on Friday will be able to come to terms with the situation and rest on God for their strength. As we move forward pray for wisdom for the leaders and authorities that they will seek what is best for the entire community. Pray for those caught up in taking part in the riot that the conviction of God will come upon them and that they will seek our Lord and His leading in changing their lives. Pray for the local people who are being affected by the closure of all the shops and the market, many live day by day and will be running out of food. Further Update - We have cleaned out all the damage from the bookshop and have begun the rebuild, God willing we are trying to get it open by Friday this week. The community has been very supportive. We are planning to open only 1/2 the shop and will do a special with Pastors etc invited to a 'bung Kai' PNG BBQ of sorts. The town has quietened down, the Police and Army have come to agreement over the incident that caused the riot. The local population is still somewhat edgy and every shop has lots of extra security, each day we spend time with the staff, helping where we can with the trauma and fears that are naturally there.

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