ASEANsign-585x389In my most recent contacts with Thailand I have been amazed at the amazing spread of English fever. At the national level, Thailand, as an ASEAN member nation is wholeheartedly invested in the idea that proficiency in English will make 'it' happen for them. The ASEAN nations have collectively determined that spoken English will be the language of commerce and therefore by the year 2015 will become essential to get a job. Everybody wants to learn English to get a good job, and most academics I meet speak of English as the key to Thailand's brighter economic future.


Learning to read and write English is one thing, and schools are diligent in having programmes that cover a syllabus for English. Most of the teachers' are very qualified Thai teachers who are passionate about what they do. However, it is the ability to converse and dialogue freely in using English that is lacking and the level of conversational English will be the criteria used to determine employment prospects.

In my contact and relationships with School Directors, Academic Vice Directors and Heads of English over many years of travelling in Thailand and taking short term mission teams there, I have been asked to assist in bringing native English speakers to be English conversation resource people for the teaching staff in their High Schools.


Here is an opportunity . . . . . . . .

1. Initially Pracharatthammakhun High School, Ngao, requires three (3) people to work with the English Teachers and focus on listening and speaking skills.
2. Each Teacher would be responsible for 20-22 periods (50minutes/period) a week (except weekend
3. School would pay an allowance of 15,000 baht a month (NZ$562.00)
4. School will provide accommodation and facilities (comfortable house and room with air-conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine and will assist with payment for water supply and electricity, up to 1000 baht (NZ$38.00) per month for each house. Additional is to be paid by occupant.
5. School will provide food (lunch) in the canteen for free and also drinking water in the house.
6. School will provide transport (school van) to travel around the north of Thailand or to visit immigration or Embassy for Visa.
7. School opens and closes not as in other countries.
I. First semester begins 15th May and closes 10th October (the last 2 weeks no teaching only grading)
II. The directors want to run a trial in the first semester and then if it works more would be required in the next semester.
III. Initial they go on a tourist visa for 2 months or the school has documents to obtain from the Thai Embassy in Laos, Sawannaket or Wiantiane city to get a non-B visa for 3 months.
IV. Second semester starts on 1st November and closes 31st March (the last 3 weeks grading and editing some grades for the failed students or re-grading)

Orientation and training is provided and mandatory for all participants in these missions.

If you are interested in participating in this type of opportunity, please contact:

Kevin White
RDF Consultancy (NZ) Ltd
368 Cobham Drive
Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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