World Face Med-585x389It's exciting to be involved with churches who want help in terms of extending their gospel impact locally and globally. In one situation we (Pearl as scribe and myself) spent an evening with a group of mission team members and church leaders charting the history of their mission's story, the highs and lows, identifying how God has led them and giving thanks for that.

We then moved on to their current context identifying what God was doing through them as a church and individually so we could chart what God has gifted them for. We discussed their key issues and drivers for change and the people with passionate ideas and actions that might form a strategy. We looked at what success might look like and then began forming some clear objectives. The challenges were then explored along with current resources and we discussed and charted what a possible game plan might look like for one of their primary objectives. Our role was to facilitate this discussion and then write it up. They appreciated the input from someone looking in (with background and skills) from another perspective. They are continuing to develop their 'game plan' and we will follow their journey with interest.

In another scenario I am helping a church that wants to develop a new focus in terms of mission through involving their church in a partnership that develops their people as well as growing the Kingdom through what they can bring to others. There is some work to do in terms of matching them up with a suitable overseas church where a relationship can be developed and some mutual goals can be worked on. Developing an ongoing interest in God's mission has discipleship and leadership development as a core value. Building these connections and relationships that enable this to happen is part of what we do.

Are we still obeying the command to go to 'all the nations' (Matthew 28:9)? Luke reminds us that we have power to witness
from our 'Jerusalem' to 'the ends of the earth' (Acts 1:8). Hear a refreshing call to 'EMBRACE the Ends of the Earth' at a summit near you on one Saturday in March (15th in Christchurch, 22nd in Palmerston North, 29th in Hamilton). Discover how your church can begin to do this more effectively through interacting with the speakers, electives and agency presentations. Register and plan to come as a group from your church. You will be given opportunity to work together during the day to refl ect on and pray through what will be presented. A brochure with details should be with your offi ce, secretary or missions team leader.

If you would like us to journey with your church in the ways described above we would encourage you to contact us. The
pattern that seems best is that I come and share on a Sunday morning (speaking on critical shifts in mission – illustrated
through personal examples) and then spend some time with your missions and leadership team (elders) in the afternoon (3-4
hours). I am however available on a week night if that is better. Having leadership involved is a key part of the process.

Our offi ce is available to help you with matters to do with commendation, prayer, fi nances and member care. We also offer 'Headspace' a gap year for 18-20 year olds that seeks to give young people a passion for God's mission. At GC3 we are a team that wants to come along and serve and work with you so that together we can challenge, encourage and equip you to share in God's mission for His glory.

Russell Thorp
Missions Director,
M: 021481088,
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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