books1-585x313Recently, members of the Christian charity Serge and others have formed in DR Congo, called C.D.L.A (in English – Centre for the Development of Indigenous Christian Leaders) visited the women's ministry association called UMOJA. 500 women from 22 churches of the Garenganze community were present. They usually meet once per month to pray, preach and teach. Also
they organise a special contribution that day to help the work of the church where they meet. They rotate their meetings. Members of the N.G.O went to help them with a gift of Swahili books. Our goal is to equip them with books that will allow them to prepare for teaching or preaching or to read for themselves. 22 cartons of 25 books each with different titles have been given to the 22 churches present at that meeting.

Moise, a teacher at the theological school of Manono came back to Lubumbashi after spending 3 months at Manono teaching. He was received in the N.G.O meeting to give the report of his work. Everybody was happy to hear that the work is going well and 39 students are attending the courses. After that, together with him, we arranged 10 cartons of theological books to send to Manono for the library. 48 different titles have been selected and sent on a M.A.F flight. By so doing, we hope that the theological school of Manono will have enough study resources for students and teachers to use. All these books are the donations from NZ sponsors via Murray and Joy (Day 20) to help local churches and the theological school to grow up in the
knowledge of the work of God.

Serge Ngoie

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