Humility-585x438It is with sadness that we report that Hazel Marsh passed away last Sunday. Les and Hazel have held an active interest in mission throughout their marriage of sixty-eight years. They travelled extensively during 1972 to visit many countries to see Kiwi missionaries at work, and then went to Papua New Guinea in 1974 to serve there until 1987. After that, they have maintained an active interest in what God was doing in PNG, going back to visit for extended periods and doing what they could from their home base in Katikati.

Hazel's quiet and solid support of Les and their family was noted by many and it was this that enabled Les to be the huge influence for God on so many people in NZ and around the world. Hazel's faith in and commitment to her God was a wonderful example.

Please pray for Les and the Marsh family as they mourn for Hazel.

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