youth2Paula Gregory has done a great job pulling together some of the best youth ministry sites across the web. Her page is a model for those of us trying amass resources on a particular subject AND many of her youth ministry sites have a missions dimension.

Worth the visit...

Youth ministry is an increasingly important activity for churches and denominations as they work to keep young people engaged and passionate about their faith. Many churches hire full time youth pastors to organize events for youth and provide mentorship opportunities and other ways of keeping kids and teens involved in their congregations. Some youth ministry organizations focus on volunteerism and providing youth with ways to participate in their communities and provide service while building relationships with their peers. Other organizations are more focused on reaching out to youth outside the church and spreading their ministry internationally. Becoming a youth pastor is a more appealing career than ever for many seminary students, and the opportunities for it are growing!

The organizations, camps, bloggers, and youth pastors included on this list have all made it part of their mission to bring excitement, engagement, and opportunities to youth populations within their own churches and beyond. Anyone hoping to get involved in youth ministry, as a pastor, mentor, volunteer coordinator, or in another role, will find great resources here.

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