gapYour son or daughter has come to you saying they want to take a GAP year after school. For some of you this is when the alarm bells start to ring... "What about the money? You'll just waste a year? You'll never want to go back and study? Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh!"

These are some of the common fears of parents, and rightly so. It is your job to want the very best for your child and from the outside a GAP year doesn't fi t the bill.

But can I help you look at it from a different perspective? Firstly lets look at the study worry. Often parents' fear that once their child is out of the habit of studying they won't get back in and if they do they will struggle. Did you know that research shows that students who take GAP years actually get higher grades in their tertiary studies? Each year in Headspace I see Gappers start the year with no idea of what they want to do study/career wise and by the end of the year they have something they are passionate about and are ready to pursue. A past Gapper, Timothy Ellis, made my day recently by sharing out of the blue "Without Headspace though, I don't know where I would be and what I would be doing...defi nitely wouldn't be studying Social Work! And I defi nitely wouldn't be who I am today! Honestly... thanks so much for all you do!"

It's not just their studies they become passionate about, one of our team from last year wrote in his yearbook, "His grace, living Spirit and word has transformed me into a passionate servant who wants to see fallen young people who have become bored and infl uenced by other things from this world come to see this crazy love God has to offer them!"...He's now doing an internship through Pathways and working with Youth.

"That's awesome!" you might say, "but my child already knows what they want to do and is pretty solid in their faith". Firstly, wow. If that's your child that is awesome. But Headspace is so much more than fi guring out what to do the following year. It's about building leaders who will lead their generation NOW. We aim to give our Gappers a biblical world view, a solid and deeper foundation to their faith and valuable life skills so they can be a catalyst for change and God's glory in every area of their life. I challenge you to go to our website ( and check out the "What past Gappers say about Headspace", "What past interns say about Headspace" and the "Beyond Headspace" pages and see for yourselves how that 'dreaded year off' has turned out for them. Over the page you will see an article written by one of our past Gappers Ashley who also came back as an intern. We're so excited about the work she is doing.

Oh and lastly, if money is an issue... did you know that the team has a period during the year in which they work in order to raise money for their fees? We're also happy to work closely with anyone who is fi nding
finances a struggle.

Turn those alarm bells off and get excited about the possibilities a GAP year can hold for your child. You might even want to fl ick me an email and ask for an information pack! Charlie Shadbolt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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