has always been a fascinating continent as it wasn't until the latter part of the 19th century that much of the interior was finally opened up to the outside world. Early missionaries such as David Livingston and Fredrick Arnot were responsible, not only exploring these inland areas in central and southern Africa but also bringing the Gospel to the people. New Zealand Christian Brethren Churches commenced to send missionaries as early as 1916. The majority of New Zealand missionaries went to what are now called Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These areas were part of what become affectionately known as the "Beloved Strip". A significant missionary work was also commenced in the Chad in the 1920's with a great number of Christian Brethren Churches there today. Our mission partners are presently engaged in supporting hospitals, medical clinics, schools, Bible Schools, churches and encouraging greater self sufficiency among the indigenous workers. Their ministries are mainly in Zambia and the DRC but are also throughout other parts of Africa.

Name Country Ministry Role
Murray & Christine Africa Director
Murray & Joy DRC Education / Medical /Partnerships
Sandra DRC Medical
Jude Kenya On Home assignment
Matthew & Alison Zambia Education
Kevin & Helen Zambia Field Director
Jerry & Hayley Zambia Partnership Facilitator
John & Cisca Zambia Overseeing Partnerships
Don & Elva Zambia Education / Medical / Evangelism
David Zambia Medical
Murray & Christine Africa Director  

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