Asia-Southeast-176x138Because of its close proximity to New Zealand, Asia has been an area of interest for our churches. It was to India and Malaysia that our largest numbers of mission partners went prior to 1900. India has been our second largest field in regards to the number of mission partners. By the time of our centenary in 1996, 109 mission partners had served in India. Today many Indian Christians speak fondly of the legacy left by our New Zealand mission partners.

While we have had mission partners in many parts of India, it was to the south the majority went. Work was undertaken in Kerala (Malayalam speaking) and Tamil Nadu (Tamil speaking) with an involvement in a range of Bible teaching and church planting ministries. Our mission partners were also engaged in leprosy work, missionary rest homes and in teaching in the schools established for the education of children of missionaries. Two significant ministries have been undertaken by our women mission partners in caring for orphans and related work in meeting the needs of the poor in India. They continue to the present. One of these is Rehoboth (Trichur in Kerala) and the other CMCT (Chennai in Tamil Nadu).

Following World War 2 a number of individuals and couples were called to be involved in the work in Japan. Japan had been devastated by the war and it was into this environment that our mission partners went. A number have remained in Japan, choosing to make their home there, supporting local churches and working in evangelism.

Another significant area of involvement has been the Philippines. Some of this work has been centred on GLO teams that were active from the 1970's through to the 1990's. Arising from these efforts and other ministries, New Zealand has had and continues to have strong links with the Philippines. An emphasis over the years has been on church planting, discipling and Bible teaching. Alongside these efforts has been targeted humanitarian work, not only in the Philippines but also in the wider South East Asia area.

There have been other areas of significance. China prior to World War 2 and Thailand working among tribal groups to name just two.

Name Country Ministry Role
Roger Asia Development/Evangelism/Medical  
Graham & Sue Cambodia Leadership 
Sue Cambodia  Leadership / Mentoring
Ian & Judith India Education  / Administration 
Colleen India Leadership 
Sarah India Orphanage / Education 
Phyllis India Orphanage / Education 
Graham & Cynthia India Training / Publishing 
Ian & Wendy India Teaching
Wesley & Esther Indonesia Translation / Education 
Stuart & Marion Japan Education 
Richard & Yuko Japan Evangelism  
Jillian Japan Teaching /Evangelism
Marcus & Ingrid Papua New Guinea Finance 
Graeme & Rachel Philippines Translation  
David & Ruth Philippines Pastoral / Bible Teaching  
Jason & Shirley Philippines Translation  
David & Dawn Singapore Community Development  
Allan & Marvin Singapore Education / TSEL 
Neil & Philomena Thailand Education  / Counselling 
Craig & Darlene Thailand Translation  
Marcus & Beth Thailand Education / Pastoral 
Sacha Thailand Graphic Design  
Mary Thailand Teaching

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