The Pacific has always been a focus of interest for New Zealand Christian Brethren Churches. Its geographical closeness and its close political links to New Zealand have meant that over the years many mission partners have gone from our churches to these parts.

Initially, the Christian Brethren missionary work in Fiji was commenced and supported by tent makers. However, especially following World War 2, a number of commended fulltime mission partners went to Fiji. In the 1960's and 1970's Fiji was a particular focus for our New Zealand Christian Brethren Churches. The work flourished with a number of churches being established. In the 1960's a school was established, eventually catering for students of all ages. The Fiji Gospel Mission School was built and was largely staffed by New Zealanders. Later a school specifically focussed to help the deaf children of Fiji was commenced. In association with GPH in New Zealand, a newspaper publication (The Fiji Messenger) was printed and distributed.

The country that became our major focus following World War 2 was Papua New Guinea. By the time of our centenary in 1996, more than 25% of our total missionary work force over the preceding 100 years had served in Papua New Guinea. This was to be predominately a New Zealand mission field. Papua New Guinea is an amazing story of God's grace and power. There were two major areas of focus for Christian Brethren mission partners (West Sepik and Southern Highlands) and very quickly there were people discipled, churches established, Bible Schools built and hospital work undertaken. Wewak served as a base for the mission work, hostels were built for the children of mission partners and eventually a High School and a Primary School were also built. As people from the bush settlements migrated to the major cities and towns Christian Brethren Churches were established there. The work of the Christian Brethren Churches in Papua New Guinea (CBCPNG) is now very much in the hands of national leaders and pastors serving more than 450 individual churches. Ongoing support continues to be given by GC3 as well as churches and individuals in New Zealand.

A number of mission partners went to serve in Australia working with the Aborigine communities often in remote areas. Others have been called to work in Samoa and Tonga with the establishment of Christian Brethren Churches in both these Pacific Island countries.

Name Country Ministry Role
Andrew & Nadia Australia Finance Manager  
Brett & Michelle Australia Pilot   
Bruce & Carol Australia Training / Linguistics  
Bill & Angela Australia  International Development
Graham & Wanda New Zealand Evangelism 
Graham & Evelyn New Zealand Correspondence   
Ross & Ethne New Zealand Representative  
Joanne New Zealand Training / Short Term Mission  
Murray & Heather New Zealand Representative 
Roger & Margaret New Zealand Jewish Evangelism  
Ray & Glenys New Zealand Camp Ministry  
Matt & Margaret New Zealand Evangelism  
Ian New Zealand Building  
Kelvin & Margaret New Zealand Correspondence  
Scott & Allison New Zealand Evangelism / Equipping  
Akira & Kikuko New Zealand Student Ministry   
Richard & Lynda New Zealand Director   
Steve New Zealand Apologetics  
John & Marilyn New Zealand Administration  
Ian & Marie New Zealand Itinerant preaching  
Nathan New Zealand Evangelism / Equipping  
Gavin & Michelle New Zealand Debriefing Ministry   
Terry & Jenny New Zealand Student Ministry   
Tom & Liz New Zealand Director / Evangelism / Equip  
Lew & Angela New Zealand Evangelism / Preaching / Apol  
Andrew New Zealand Evangelism  
Stephen & Raewyn New Zealand Translation 
Gordon & Raewyn New Zealand Technician  
Jim & Brenda New Zealand Children's work  
Mike & Bethany New Zealand Evangelism  
Len & Mary New Zealand Evangelism  
Marty & Sue New Zealand Director / Evangelism Child  
Robert & Laisa New Zealand Evangelism / Prison Ministry 
Norm & Liz New Zealand Itinerant Preaching  
Lindsay & Eleanor New Zealand Correspondence  
Stephen New Zealand Accounting
Janeen New Zealand Student Ministry   
Howard & Averil New Zealand Director / Administrator
Jeremy & Vicky-Lee New Zealand Director
Tania & Wayne New Zealand Evangelism
Paul & Joanne New Zealand Evangelism
Josh New Zealand Evangelism
Murray & Sylvia New Zealand  Teaching
Ross & Gaylene  New Zealand  Regioanl Representative
Brian & Vicky New Zealand  Jewish Evangelism  
Trevor & Shirley New Zealand  Promoting Mission
Carrie New Zealand  Student Ministry   
Ivan & Diane New Zealand  Evangelism
Steve & Leanne New Zealand  Conferences
Mark & Emma New Zealand  Student Ministry   
David & Ainsley New Zealand  Evangelism
Karl & Amy New Zealand Technician
Rick & Annemarie New Zealand Leadership

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