me1-850x666God, who called me to El Salvador forty years ago, is faithful! My plans were to be a teacher in New Zealand and be used by Him there. He had a completely different plan for me. He had to speak to me many times until I was prepared to listen. He challenged me to put aside my reasons why it could not be possible and fi nally I was ready to obey. When I received an invitation to teach in El Salvador I was ready to accept the next step of His plan. I thank the Lord for making it so clear. He has used that strong conviction as I continued on and I faced challenges in the Christian School that I was principal of for thirty three years, also to live through twelve years of Civil War when I had my van stolen at gun point and a hand grenade thrown into my house. Driving daily in dangerous conditions and working in a gang controlled community are some of the present day challenges. When I arrived in El Salvador, I said I would remain until I was sure that the Lord was leading me out. For forty years He has been faithful and has provided for me. He has guided me in making decisions which have not only affected my life but also the many lives He has given me the opportunities to touch in different levels of society.


As I have grown in my own spiritual life I have learned to follow Him closely and listen for His direction. I continue to marvel at His faithfulness each day. During the years that I visited in the public hospital after school, as well as the help I have given to many through my medical contacts, it has been exciting to see the Lord open the doors for me and assure me that I am in the right place at the right moment. Whether it has been in my work with the high society or at the very bottom of the scale, He has given me that assurance which brings me peace and joy. Before I leave the city to go to work in the community He tells me to go ahead or to make changes to activities that are planned. Sometimes I fi nd out why it was best that I was not there because of the danger. Other times I have felt the urgency for the people to get into my van and for us to leave quickly only to fi nd out that minutes later someone was killed on the corner.

The Lord shows His faithfulness through His different ways of protecting me. Whether it is a message from the prison sent by the head of the gang that no one is allowed to touch me, or by the gang members' whose hearts are softened as we reach out to help their families, He continues to answer prayer. He provides opportunities to shine for Him as I am in the safest place, El Salvador which is the centre of His will for me.



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