was one of the first European countries (in 1909) that mission partners went to from our Christian Brethren Churches in New Zealand. However our involvement in Europe was quite limited until after World War 2. A number of New Zealanders had served in Italy during WW2 and this led to an interest to be involved as mission partners to bring the gospel to the Italian people. When the opportunity arose, they went. The greatest number of our mission partners to Europe went in association with GLO. These were to France and Italy in the 1970's and Ireland a decade or so later. Literature was distributed, open airs undertaken and local churches encouraged or established. Since this time some members of these teams remained in these countries to continue serving in a range of ministries. By the 1980's New Zealand had mission partners in Spain. The United Kingdom has also been used as a base for work associated with language translation and supporting Christians in countries where there is persecution.

Name Country Ministry Role
Kevin & Liz England Finance Officer  
Murray & Ruth England Pastoral Care  /Counselling 
Patrick & Rosemary England Consultant / Trainer 
Irene France Works with refugees 
Andrew & Patrizia Italy Evangelism / Mentoring
Warwick & Osvalda Italy Publishing / Children & Women's work 
David Norway Training  

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