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It was to Argentina that our very first missionary went in 1896. The account of James Kirk being commended from a small town in Otago and his travelling by bicycle, train and then steamship to Argentina is legendary. For much of his time he was a tentmaker, earning a living by working on the railways but using every opportunity to preach the gospel and establish assemblies. South America has continued to be a continent of significant interest for New Zealand Christian Brethren Churches with ministry being undertaken in Argentine, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia (all Spanish speaking countries). Brazil (Portuguese speaking) has also been a focus, especially in recent years. Much of this work involved preaching the gospel, establishing churches and discipling new Christians. A GLO team was involved in Brazil from the late 1960's distributing literature, establishing churches and being involved in camp ministries. In the last 50 years, a number of mission partners have gone to Ecuador to engage in the radio ministry of HCJB.

South America
Name Country Ministry Role
Hazel El Salvador Medical / Education 
David & Liliane Brazil Evangelism / Discipleship / Church Planting 
Graeme & Joan Brazil Evangelism/Discipleship / Itinerant Teaching 
Grant & Nilva Brazil Teaching
Anita & Kathleen Colombia Counselling 
Graham & Betty Guatemala Pastoral / Counselling 
Francisco & Joanna Paraguay Children's work 

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