As we wind down to the wonderfulness of Christmas, it is such a cool (me to be reminded of all the amazing things that God has given us/me. This year has been a wonderful (me of rest and a (me for new things. I'm back in Chiang Mai a er three months spent learning and hanging out with God and friends. Since returning I now split my (me between graphic design and working on our social enterprise. Designing new products that are handwoven by Karen women on the Thai-Burma border. It is such an exciting project to be a part of. Please pray for us as we grow and develop the project over the next year. Our aim is to start selling the products online and in countries around the world so that we will get more profit....and with that profit we will be able to impact the communities we are working in. We want to see the communities changed for the be8er over the next year. Other than that....prayer for wisdom and help to get the work done. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

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