provision-850x456Very early on in our friendship, when we were just teenagers, we both shared the conviction that probably the Lord would have us serve Him. Little did we know what an exciting, interesting life we would have. The Lord has been so faithful over 50 years of marriage, 46 of which have been in Guatemala, where we have each been held up at gun point, held up by guerillas as well as highway men on different occasions; had the house searched, even to rubbish bins and drawers by armed (and even some drunk) police; had thieves break in during the night and steal thousands of dollars of property while we slept; a 7.5 earthquake which took the lives of 25,000 people, just to mention a few of the situations we found ourselves in. The Lord protected us on many other occasions, sometimes in very frightening experiences.

Perhaps one of the hardest situations was when the very Christians we had gone to help, elected to go by their manmade rules rather than Bible teaching, but the Lord used this for further outreach in the work. From the new assembly that we started, and along with visiting into villages in Guatemala and neighbouring countries, we have built a big camp which has been the means of reaching many for the Lord and helping others in their walk with Him.

Over 20 years ago we had a well dug at camp by hand, but no water was found. We built cisterns that stored 245,000 litres of rain water collected from the roof. These fi ll very quickly when the rains come but once the dry season starts the water quickly runs out. We have been praying for 20 years that the Lord would give us abundant water. In July He answered the prayers of so many who have been praying with us by providing water in the third well, at 100 metres depth, dug by hand. We thank and praise the Lord for His wonderful answer for water that is sufficient to meet the camp's needs.

We have a night caretaker but there was not enough water all year round to support a resident family, but now there is sufficient water, we are looking to the Lord to provide someone who can run the camp. This involves organising and directing, being able to run the kitchen, work, train and encourage young people as well as help in the churches, especially the little church in the village close to camp. Above all it has to be someone who really wants to please the Lord, on whose heart the Lord has laid service for Him in this work as He did with us 46 years ago.

There will be trials, danger, disappointments, frustration, real hard work, long hours, lack of luxuries, maybe lack of money, plus problems you never imagined, but there will also be peace and contentment, much joy and satisfaction, fulfillment, a sense of knowing this is what the Lord had prepared for you, knowing that there is no safer or better place you could be.

Graham & Betty


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