ronIt is with great sadness we report that Ron Diprose went to heaven on Friday, his 71st birthday. To all his family we express our deepest sympathy and assure them of our prayer in their sadness and grief. Andrew, Ron's son, writes that he suffered a lot from his motor neuron disease during this past week or so and he was really looking forward to going to be with his Heavenly Father.

Ron's funeral will be held today (at 11:30 Italian time) at IBEI, a place where he loved to lecture and serve and train local people. His influence for God has been huge. Ron was a devoted husband to his late wife Eunice and a wonderful leader of his family. They left NZ in February 1970 and have served God and His people in Italy every since. Through his lecturing, writing and personal counsel, Ron has touched the lives of many people in many countries as he explained God's love and the biblical message, which he modelled consistently in his life before them.

Let's give thanks to God for Ron and his life well lived. His legacy of faith and obedience will linger for many years to come. And let's pray that Ron's family and colleagues will experience the deep comfort that the Holy Spirit can bring in such times of grief and loss.

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