landscape-italy-wallpapers-136803-1024x640Ron and Eunice were commended for the Lord's service in 1970. So, 45 years ago, Ron and his wife Eunice, together with the other members of a GLO Team from a mission base in rural Waikato (New Zealand), left for Italy. God gave him a good brain and a good heart, so his commitment to teaching and to the saving of souls always was a priority in his and their life. Their tasks as a couple spaced from distributing evangelistic material among young people, to Emmaus biblical courses, to local eldership and teaching in the Italian Evangelical Bible Institute, a task which he faithfully continued until he retired first from his role as Academic Dean of IBEI and then from teaching in IBEI's extension schools. He continued writing, examining in depth various important questions, so as to be more effective, obtaining an M.A. and a Ph. D., without ever losing sight of God's commandment to "GO, preach the Gospel to every creature ... and to make disciples of all peoples!.


During the '80s, he regularly taught God's children attending the assembly in Fondi (in the province of Latina, about 100 km south of Rome) and, through the Italian Evangelical Bible Institute in Rome and it's branch schools which started at that time and still continue today, in various areas of Italy and even in Albania.

During the 90s, he held a key role, through teaching, in Albania, when some assemblies were rapidly planted just after the end of a dictatorship which had lasted for decades. Ron's linguistic gifts were recognized when the committee for the review of a Bible translation in Italian done by the Geneva Bible Society asked him to check their work against the original Greek text.
He also had a key role from the late 90s onwards in researching and challenging "Superessionism" (also known as "Replacement Theology") and was able to create a useful Israelology correspondence course which will outlive him.

During March 2015, about 3 months ago, on request of our dear friend Orlando from Terracina (a member of the fledging assembly in San Felice Circeo), he translated into English his Italian book on discipleship "Per essere discepoli" ("To be a disciple") "" so that Anju, an Indian sister, could begin to translate it into Punjabi language for discipleship in a new missionary field: that of Punjabis in the province of Latina (San Felice Circeo, Terracina and beyond).

(Summary by Andrew Diprose)


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