copter11 days [including one each way positioning], 32 flight hours, 97 flights, 21 villages visited,  approx 1,900 people were provided help in the form of medical consultation, pre-natal care,  family planning, vaccinations [women, kids & babies] wound care & dressing, de-worming, one  medevac [probable AIDS patient]. We were instrumental in 26 baptisms and facilitated a further  7 days bible teaching in the village of Rampa. I spent one day transporting government officials  to visit & evaluate 2 new villages which have been established to re-locate people affected by  flooding in the area. I transported 3 teachers plus food supplies out to remote government  schools unreachable due to flooding. Kaylene and education team continued their literacy   program in 2 villages. We facilitated bringing together 2 mission groups to strategize future joint  ministry in the delta. We facilitated starting a project to introduce small, portable treadle  irrigation pumps to the area. Without the helicopter – none of this would have happened. It is  worth it. Thanks for praying for us. Dean & Kaylene

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