teacjA curious observation. On our last travels, involving two leadership conferences, we tracked across some
old familiar roads but also some new roads and towns. While some roads were simply horrendous, the
towns of Kamina, Bukama and especially Kolwezi show signs of some economic development through
mining interest mainly. Our purpose for travel was the mining of hearts through the delivery of two
leadership conferences developed and adapted by Geoff Paynter ( Tasman NZ) . Geoff had revamped
the church leadership course using African authors and illustrations. This material is proving impacting as
it touches the heart of true Christian leadership while addressing many of the problems faced by church
leaders in Africa.

The conference at Kamina was both leadership and general involving 250 people. Kamina is an isolated
area and has not been well served by Christian teachers or resources. The teaching was well received
and resulted in 25 people coming to faith through the evangelism aspects and 38 being baptised on our
last day of conference.

Kolwezi in contrast is probably the fastest growing town in Congo because of huge mining interests. 300
people, mainly church leaders, settled to intense study delivered by our team of four Bible teachers. Dr
Serge busied himself with administrative and medical issues. It is difficult to express the tapestry of
African life encountered during these trips, markets, rivers, grossly overloaded vehicles, music and choirs
all form part of the impact on your senses.

We have just forwarding funding for the purchase of 5000 Kiluba Bibles. Please pray for the safe printing
and delivery of these much sought after Bibles.

Murray & Joy, Travelling Overseas (Day 21)


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