jordon-1024x682Our media continues to bombard us with reports and images of the plight of thousands of displaced people. We can react  to what we read, see and hear in a number of ways but let's not overlook the heart of God for marginalised people, and  the imperative of Gal 6:10, 'Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we  should do good to everyone - especially to  those in the family of faith.'

From our GC Aid Refugee Appeal funds we partner with Manara International and have already forwarded another  $12,000 to them this week. They work with the flood of people from Iraq and Syria now in camps in Jordan. The needs of  these people are great as they live in camps under canvass in Spartan conditions  having fled their homes with only what  they could carry. They get to hear the message of God's love for them alongside the practical assistance Manara provides.

Will you help these people? Their need is great.

Donations to GC Aid - bank account 06 0729 0522196 00, reference 'Refugees' – will be passed on regularly to provide some comfort and hope to these people in Jordon

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