reach2-1024x783Wendy and I have been in India for quite some time. In the last few years we have been working primarily on reaching the unreached.

This work has been a focus of my family ever since my grandparents came to India in the early 1920's. For over 40 years they worked in many different states, Odisha and Bihar included. My grandfather was a violinist and would go to the markets day after day where he would play his violin and share the good news. My grandmother spent her days working with the village women. Dad was born in India and spent most of his boyhood here. After completing Bible College abroad he focused on going to places where there was little or no witness. During his fi rst few years he spent long periods in the jungles of Bihar preaching every night to the Tharu villagers after they had come in from the fi elds. Today we continue the outreach in that area with a number of projects. This includes a facility under construction which will consist of a clinic and a small primary
school and will double as an evangelistic outreach centre to the community.

We are also involved in the James Harvey Memorial School in Nawabganj, Uttar Pradesh. It has been 100 years since James Harvey founded the school in a small grass hut with just a few students. Over the years it has seen various missionaries come and go and a number of different ministries developed. However, since my parents' arrival in the 60's, the focus has been on helping children. Most of these have come from disadvantaged backgrounds from across North India, including the Tharu villages and Nepal. Currently we have 1,000 children in the school with 150 in our children's home. Some of our current students are involved in holding Sunday schools in the surrounding villages. We are seeing many of the non-Christian school children and their parents gain a better understanding of the gospel message.

Many of the children we have helped have gone on to serve the Lord in India, Nepal and other parts of the world. Many are pastors while others regardless of their professions are actively involved in their local churches.

We continue to be reminded of God's faithfulness in our lives. A few months ago we felt the very strong shocks and aftershocks of the earthquake centred in Nepal. Thankfully all our buildings withstood the events. Unfortunately, many of the villages from which our Nepali students come were affected quite badly with several families losing everything. We are working with these people to assess where we can best help.

reach1-850x551Visitors from overseas are always welcome to come and help out in various ways. Over the years we have had medical and construction teams visit. They have been extremely helpful conducting check-ups for children, building bunk beds and rewiring the campus.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us in this part of the world through prayer and support. Together we can reach the unreached.

Ian & Wendy


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