Mozambique (1)
This week Dean added to his repertoire of African diseases Tick bite fever. He has struggled all week with symptoms of rash, fever and fatigue. Last Thursday we discovered that the flight permit we had been issued only cleared us into a Mozambique airport but not all the way to our destination of Marromeu [Zambezi river]. One of the issues apparently, is that Moz CAA want to come and inspect our heli-pads. Our agent in Maputo -Sergio who gets our permits, is now trying to find out all that is required, but meantime we are effectively
grounded! Our planned outreach to Marromeu is 'on hold'. The highlight of this past week was joining that esteemed club of grandparents. Rach & Mike, in UK, delighted us with a wee girl, Juliet :-) . Just four weeks now until we head home [via UK] and get to meet her.

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