teach-850x637For the last three years I have been training to become a primary teacher and I believed that God was calling me into it. Recently I had a spanner thrown into the works; unexpectedly I did not complete my final practicum and so had to make some adjustments to plans. I am wanting to complete the degree but am just needing some better perspective to cross the finish line.

In going to this conference for me, I am expecting that it will be an encouragement and insightful experience. Encouraging in that I will meet, learn and engage with passionate people that are seeking to make Jesus famous around the world. Insightful in that I will be engaging in a cross-cultural context that I have not had much experience in, with the Indonesians and people of the Islamic faith.

The conference will provide me with more of a perspective on how God is working around the world and in the hearts of other people. God is so great and I don't think that this opportunity has come up coincidentally. God is inviting us to be a part of something and I am looking forward to seeing what that is.

- Brady Kerewaro, Whangarei

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