imapct1The lives of countless people in five countries have been deeply impacted as a result of recent donations through GC Aid.

India – Chennai Floods
Can you imagine this? 1049mm of rain fell in Chennai over a few days in November 2015. As a result people drowned and thousands were forced to be relocated as deep water swirled through streets, homes and offices.

In total $35,500 was sent to relieve the suffering sustained by people in that community. Folk at CMCT did an extraordinary job in holistically meeting the needs of those so badly affected.

Vanuatu – Cyclone Pam
Schools were flattened, flimsy houses of subsistence farmers were demolished and people were robbed of their livelihoods as the category 5 hurricane, Cyclone Pam, cut its swath through the islands of Vanuatu in March 2015. 75,000 people became homeless as a consequence. The $30,500 sent was used strategically in a variety of ways to rebuild lives and community infrastructure – provision of bottled water, assisting with
delivering a container of building materials and tools, purchasing sawmills, construction of 'strong houses' from used tyres.

 Fiji – Tropical Cyclone Winston
TC Winston ripped through Fiji in February 2016 flattening the homes of 51,000 people. A massive $56,600 was donated to support the efforts of local Fijian Christians in reaching out to people in displaced communities. They used a 'two-handed' approach, helping re-construct houses while at the same time providing literature
explaining the love of God and the Gospel message. $13,600 is yet to be sent while research is conducted as to the suitability of 'strong houses' for long-term protection against cyclone damage.

Syria – Refugees
The need to assist the masses of displaced people from Syria is formidable. During 2015 and 2016 we have contributed $38,150 to our partners in Jordan to provide shelter, supplies and comfort to the many people they care for and show the love of Christ to. The need is great and what we have contributed is a mere drop in the ocean, but let's remember every little bit helps. That is why our appeal for funds for this project continues.

Nepal – Earthquakes
High in the Himalayan mountains much of the infrastructure we take for granted was totally decimated when several strong earthquakes hit the area in 2015. Close to 9,000 people were killed and well over 20,000 people were injured. Over $14,000 was distributed through four churches across the affected areas, bringing a little help and hope to the people impacted there.

Sefton Marshall
Operations Director

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