The Fiji Deaf Ministry and in particular Jim Cooney, the Director, is currently mediating on an informal basis in an employment dispute between the interpreters who work with the deaf students at the Gospel High School and the managers/Board of the High School. The Deaf Ministry is not responsible for the interpreters, although at least one of them is also employed as a carer in the Hostels. The primary concern is for the deaf students who are no longer able to receive tuition from the teachers at the (hearing) High School. Notwithstanding this, there is also concerned for the witness of a Christian based School and those interpreters who are believers in this situation. Please pray that Jim will have wisdom and that the will of the Lord Jesus Christ will prevail and that the deaf students will soon be able to continue their studies. The situation is complicated by the involvement of the secular association for deaf interpreters. The deaf community in Suva is close knit and so something like this has an immediate impact throughout the deaf community. Our God brings positive results out of man's negative ones and so we look to Him in this situation for the blessing of deaf students and for praise to come to Him.

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