Dr Alain ILUNGA KAJILA, a young Congolese Christian Doctor has been chosen to work at the clinic of Mitwaba. he has been taken to Mulongo hospital for a training especially in surgery aside Dr Serge for one year.

In January 2012, he left Mulongo to Mitwaba with two nurses trained at the same hospital of Mulongo.He brought with him drugs and surgical equipments bought by Murray Stevenson.

When I passed at Mitwaba in March 2012,I found the clinic in full activity with a lot of Patients. Patients were so many that there was not enough room for hospitalization. The number of beds is few. In surgery, for instance, three or four operations are sufficient to fill all the hospitalization beds. They have to wait for a week before planning other surgical cases. This is decreasing the financial production of the clinic. The pharmacy is going better and better.They have so many drugs that they don't have enough space to put them .They don't have shelves to arange them correctly.so some drugs are put even on the floor. This is not good .Workers are too busy. They know the time of going to work, but not the time of leaving because of the number of patients. The hospital of the government in the same area is deserted. All patients prefers to come to our clinic because of the quality of the medical care, and the relationship with the medical staff.

In short the clinic of Mitwaba is working well.We can see hope, joy and satisfaction on the face of the population of Mitwaba . We thank God and everybody who contribute so that this clinic can be in activity, especially Murray Stevenson and Joy ,Dr Graham Fry.

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