President Fernando Lugo has been removed from power leaving the country in a state of  disarray and volatility.

  • Pray for our Mission Partners serving in Paraguay (Day 22 in Prayer Handbook)
  • Pray into the deep-seated issues of poverty, inequality and land ownership.
  • Pray that political leaders will have wisdom and that the situation will be resolved swiftly and calmly.

Peter & Avrienne write:  “Yes, we are going very carefully as you know we are in the capital where all the protests are, we have kept out of the centre of the city since last week.  Our main concern is that the surrounding countries accept that the process was done correctly. We have some factions who are trying to disrupt the political system.  The new President has promised to try and reverse the gay marriage and abortion laws that were forced through.  Please pray that the Lord would have His way and that the people will be lead by what is right in their heart.  Many are scared of change so will accept
conditions that are not good for the country or for them and their children's future.”

Francisco & Joanna write:  “The reality of the situation inside the country is quite different to what is being said internationally.  Democracy is not being repressed as some are saying.  Please continue to pray that the situation will be resolved peacefully.”

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