Your mission partner is about to return home from their service for God overseas. All sorts of arrangements need to be put in place. Whose responsibility is it to ensure these arrangements are made? Is it something the mission partner should sort out? Or should their family or commending church take care of it?

The checklist in this publication is designed to provide church leaders with a resource to ensure attention has been given to all the support issues a mission partner may need upon their return home.

Very often, church leaders will assume that the family will attend to the items listed. However, experience has shown that this is not a valid or reasonable assumption! If commendation by the local church is the wholehearted commitment it ought be, the responsibility for mission partner's return should not be left to their family. It may be that family members will be the best and most able to provide the help and assistance needed, but the commending church leadership should accept the prime responsibility to ensure all issues are covered.

Here at GC3, we believe that the local church, through its leadership should address the following questions in every case. Many of them should be considered well in advance of the mission partner arriving home.

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