gc3 logo2

is the brand name overarching our three separate trusts.

All three trusts are registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission as a charitable entity under their individual legal names:

    • Global Connections in Mission CC 30290
    • GC Assist CC 30419
    • GC Aid CC 31524

The Charities Commission, Komihana Kaupapa Atawhai, is responsible for registering and monitoring charitable organisations in New Zealand, as well as providing support and education to the charitable sector on good governance and management. For more information about our three trusts as charitable entities, visit the Charities Register at www.charities.govt.nz


    • All transactions made through this website will appear as GC3 on your cardholder statements.

    • All three trusts are New Zealand based organisations and all transactions made through this website will be processed in New Zealand Dollars.

    • All personal details and transaction details are protected by SSL security protocols.